First Class Solutions, Inc SM is committed to providing the best possible support for CORTRAK® and offers some innovative technical support services to help you get the most from the software.


CORTRAK® users are entitled to following support resources

Request Email Support (Requires the software be under Maintenance and Support )

Maintenance Updates - free downloads with paid maintenance.

These technical Support resources are described in detail in the sections that follow.

Web Support  

The CORTRAK® web site is a key part of CORTRAK® technical support because it allows us to provide timely support information to all uses. The CORTRAK® web site is a valuable resource for:

  • CORTRAK® News
    Keep informed of events that may impact your copy of CORTRAK® such as new Federal or state legislation. CORTRAK®News can be found on the home page.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Answers to common questions.
  • Maintenance Updates
    Due to the complexity of the software, program problems (bugs) may arise. When problems are found and corrected a maintenance release will be posted to the web site. These maintenance releases are free to download from the web site. If you need a update shipped to you, there will be a charge for shipping and materials cost.
  • Upgrades
    An important part of your purchase of CORTRAK® is the assurance that the product will evolve with changes in technology. The staff at First Class Solutions is always looking at various technologies and enhancements and applying then when appropriate.
    Prices for upgrades are determined and announced at the time the upgrade is released.

Email Support  

You can request support by using our Email Support option. The email must include your name, facility, support code, email address and a detailed description of your problem. We attempt to answer all email requests within 48 hours during our normal business hours. Email Support is free when maintenance has been purchased.

Remote Access Support  

An internet based support system that allows our technician access to your computer over the internet. You just run a small piece of software that will allow our technician to access your desktop. Remote Access Support is available when maintenance and suuport has been purchased.

Telephone Support  

Telephone Support is included when you purchase a support contract.
Telephone support is available from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Central Time Monday through Friday.
If you do not have a paid Support Plan, please have a credit card ready to purchase per incident support.

Per Incident Support  

This convenient "Pay As You Go" option offers a $135.00 per incident plus $65.00/hr phone support charged to your credit card. Minimum 1 hour.